Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy Autumn Tree

Playing around a little with color here.... perhaps a little too bold.... dunno????


  1. Hi Susan,
    This is a nice acrylic painting, beautiful color, really autumn atmosphere. Were you inspired for doing this painting by the cover of "Our Daily Bread" pamphlet, September, October and November issue? I asked because I'm currently reading it, and I noticed its cover.


    1. Hi Cors, Sorry I am just now seeing this comment to my painting from so long ago!!! And yes! I did use the cover of "Our Daily Bread" as a reference for this. Good eye!! It was really small, but I loved the feel of it. I usually try to change more of the content when working from a reference that I didn't take the picture of, but I don't think there will be copyright issues.... sure hope not!!!
      :) blessings!!

  2. Susan-
    Nice to know that you are a Christian too!!


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