Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wheat Field Road

This is a recent smaller pastel painting.  I like the brightness and crispness of this one....  7" x 5"
Wheat Field Road

ACEO Paintings

I have recently started painting ACEO paintings (Art Card Editions Originals). These are very small paintings with the dimensions of 2.5" x 3.5".   It's a challenge to paint this small, but it's really fun.

Spring Field

Lemons in the Sun

"Come to Me" Sketch with verse

This is the original sketch I did which motivated me to paint "Come to Me" in watercolor.  I have added the Bible verse that inspired me with this sketch.

"Come to Me" watercolor painting

I don't work in watercolor as often as pastels and acrylics, but I wanted to try a portrait in watercolor since I had never done one. In this painting I wanted to portray Jesus as he looked upon the Pharisees when they were wanting to stone the woman caught in adultery. My goal was to portray authority and love at the same time.  This one is called,  "Come to Me".   I have included the grayscale as well because I like it as much as the color version.

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