Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A demonstration for keeping it loose with pastel painting.

"Beach Seduction"
Keeping it Loose

Keeping it loose is a common struggle for most artist. I find working quickly and blocking in basic shapes and values helps to create a loose and painterly feel. 

I used a tinted Colorfix sanded surface. 
 I chose my pastels for the color palette to suit 
the mood of the painting and added
additional colors as I worked.
 I did a quick sketch ahead of time to get 
the general composition.
 Here we go...
 Working out basic shapes and layout.

 Determining lights and darks.
 It's starting to come together.
 Basic painting coming to life.
 Darkened the mood a bit.
 This is pretty much the final, but I will 
add some more sea grasses. 
Hope you enjoyed!

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