Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to create paintings that GLOW!! / "A Magnolia for Maggie"

My latest painting was for a young lady who loves magnolias.  I really enjoyed doing a macro floral painting and fortunately the client loved it.  As I often do, I made a speed painting video to share the process of pastel painting. The underpainting process I have learned results in paintings that really burst with color.  See below for the underpainting instructions. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to order a print of this painting, or other products such as greeting cards, etc...
it can be ordered here on FineArtAmerica.  They do a great job and this particular painting looks good on all the products.

Here is a photo of the actual painting:  "A Magnolia for Maggie".  The process I use to create the underpainting is below.

I make my own boards for pastel paintings by applying the following to matt board or gator board. 
Mix 1 to 1 Ratio:  GOLDEN Fine Pumice Gel with GOLDEN Fluid Acrylic ( Color: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold) 
Apply with brush or sponge applicator / Let Dry. 
Then you can either begin painting or you may choose to add your values by applying:  
Art Spectrum Fine tooth Colourfix Primer (color: Terracotta).  
This can be applied with a brush or sponge and can be diluted with water to get lighter values. 
This combination creates a sanded surface for pastel paintings with a glow that is really spectacular. 
I originally learned of this technique from pastel artist Rita Kirkman. 

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