Thursday, March 23, 2017

An Experiment in Value

Today I had fun in my studio creating an experiment value. I created two watercolor paintings... one with correct values, and one with everything wrong. It was a neat and fun way to see that value really does make a huge difference.  Check out some of the photos and also my full youtube video of the lesson.  Keep getting those values right for better art! :) 

Correct Values: 
In this painting, I painted the values as they should be in nature. Lighter values in the background and darker values in the background. 

Incorrect Values: 
In this example, I painted the values backwards with darker values in the background and lighter, paler values in the foreground. This might be better for a night scene, but it is clearly incorrect. 

To see the full lesson, please click this link and also subscribe to my Youtube channel for more tutorials and art fun! 

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