Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to work on homemade pastel surfaces / A Spring to Remember

Many have inquired about how I make my own pastel surfaces and and how I use particular products for a value underpainting. I have a video on my youtube channel on how to create the surface, but here is more information on how I actually paint on this surface and do a value study. 

"A Spring to Remember" 

Initial Sketch with Pastel Pencil on previously prepared board. See video below for demo on how to prepare your own pastel surface. 

Product I use to make a "value underpainting".

Sometimes I use brushes for application, and sometimes foam applicators. 

Pastel Selection:

Laying down the darkest values:

Getting in the big shapes:

Getting in clouds and other detail (still staying very loose): 

Blending the sky with a piece of pipe foam insulation. Can be bought at most hardware stores:

Gradually getting in more detail:

Here is the REAL TIME video of the painting process.  See video below this one for the technique to make your own pastel surface.  Happy Painting!!!  

How to Make Your Own Pastel Surface: 

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