Monday, June 26, 2017

Drawing and Sketching Practice Sheets

These are the images that go along with my drawing videos on my YouTube channel, Monet Cafe'. The video is posted first, with the corresponding practice page underneath. 
Simply click the image, print out, and practice the lessons as often as you like. 

Drawing Exercises to Become A Better Artist:
This is the most basic of the drawing exercise videos. 
These exercises are simply to warm up and also to develop better hand/eye coordination. 

Observational Drawing Exercises: 
This exercise will help you to become better at observing what you are drawing vs. drawing what you think you see. The video for this lesson uses the second picture underneath this, but the first image is also a great exercise for improving your observational skills. 

This exercise is for all ages and a great way to learn to draw while paying attention to positive and negative shapes. This lesson will help you to acquire core skills that will make you a better artist! 

Sketching Exercises 2:
This is an intermediate sketching exercise focusing on many of the essential elements that will improve your drawing skills. 

How to Create a Good Composition and More!
This lesson is packed with valuable information for improving your artistic skills. It covers creating a good composition, the Rule of Thirds, Value, Color and more!

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