Monday, March 27, 2017

Watercolor Cat Speed Painting / In Memory of my Cat Tiki

I did this watercolor painting in honor of my cat, Tiki.  I found her when she was just a kitten, or should I say "she found me."  One day we saw this little sweet kitty hopping around our property and she was a real "scardy cat". I was determined to get her to feel safe with me and after months of setting out food and staying very still she finally rubbed against me one day and it was a bond that just got closer with each day. She became my "art kitty" and would hang out with me in my studio while I painted. I did this watercolor of her and I sure do miss her.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Watercolor painting with Ink Drawing

Today I experimented on how to do an ink drawing prior to doing a watercolor painting. I also tried a new product used to lighten an watercolor painting and like the results.  This was fun and it's always great to learn something new! Check out the photos and my youtube tutorial at my channel, Monet Cafe'.

Check out the full video tutorial on my Youtube Channel: 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Draw Me! Draw Me! Practice sketching with the Sktchy App!

I was so thankful an artist introduced me to the app called, "Sktchy". It is a way people can upload pictures of themselves that they want artists to sketch, paint or draw. Once I complete the sketch I attach it to the picture so the original poster can see their portrait. It sort of solves the problem artists often get when people say... "Draw me, Draw me!" Plus, it's a great way for me to brush up on portrait sketching. Love the app! Here are a few of my sketches...

An Experiment in Value

Today I had fun in my studio creating an experiment value. I created two watercolor paintings... one with correct values, and one with everything wrong. It was a neat and fun way to see that value really does make a huge difference.  Check out some of the photos and also my full youtube video of the lesson.  Keep getting those values right for better art! :) 

Correct Values: 
In this painting, I painted the values as they should be in nature. Lighter values in the background and darker values in the background. 

Incorrect Values: 
In this example, I painted the values backwards with darker values in the background and lighter, paler values in the foreground. This might be better for a night scene, but it is clearly incorrect. 

To see the full lesson, please click this link and also subscribe to my Youtube channel for more tutorials and art fun! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Evening Solace" / Create a Quick and Easy underpainting with a value alcohol wash

Getting correct values is key to any painting, and this alcohol wash technique is fast and easy. The photos reveal the process, but also check out the youtube video below for a video tutorial.  And as always.... Happy Painting!  

Pastel Selection

Alcohol and UArt sanded paper

Flat Brush

Lay down basic values (darks and lights) with dark pastel

Use alcohol to create a wash of values

Adding sky color to set the mood

Cooler tones and purples in shadow areas

Keep it loose

Fresh and alive with color

Youtube Video Demonstration / And Please Subscribe to Receive New Uploads

Monday, March 13, 2017

Loose and Fresh Pastel painting technique using an Alcohol Wash

Approaching that blank painting surface is often an daunting task. Doing an underpainting is a great way to create a base for your painting and initiate a loose and fresh beginning.  Here are some photos of the process and please watch my youtube video for more instruction.
Pastel Selection

Alcohol and Flat Brush

Simple Sketch on UArt sanded paper

Apply Pastel / Keep it simple / Focus on Value (lights and darks)

Block in Simple shapes 

Apply Alcohol with Flat Brush 

Apply Pastel
Keep it loose and painterly

Check out the YouTube Tutorial! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

"Chickadee Love" A Pastel Painting Tutorial

It's spring time and the birds are singing everywhere! I truly enjoyed painting these sweet little birds. They just look like they are in love.  Please feel free to watch my youtube video tutorial of the process and I will be uploaded the artwork soon to my website for prints and other products to be made.  I pray this painting brings you joy!

"Chickadee Love" 

How and Why to make a Concept Sketch Before Painting

Spring is in the air and I've been enjoying drawing little Chickadee birds. I decided to do a larger painting and created a "Concept Sketch" to work out any issues.  Please check out my video which explains why a concept sketch is crucial to a good painting....

Here is the Final Painting:

Learn how to do a Watercolor Underpainting for Pastel Art

Check out my video on how to do a watercolor underpainting for Pastel Art.  I am joined in the first part of the video by my lovely student, Keira.

Why Value is Crucial to Good Art

Check out this lesson on the importance of Value in art.  Getting value correct is more important than getting color correct. Join me in this fun and educational lesson....

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