Thursday, June 14, 2018

Painting on Dark Surfaces Using UArt Dark / Revision to previous video

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  1. Dear Susan, this video really cracked me up. I have only just discovered your blog yesterday and this is the first video of your's that I have watched. I love John Potoschnik's work and really appreciate him explicitly expressing his Christian faith. Well ten minutes in to your video you talked about life and suffering and used 1 Peter ... to provide context for your comments and then lo and behold the next thing I heard was "my dear dear mother" playing the piano (I know it wasn't her really, but the piece was played just how she used to play it) her favourite piece that she played to us so many times during our childhood. My mother died fifty years ago (too too young) and in my mid seventies I still miss her. I think she was speaking to me through you tonight and I thank you so much for that. Please disregard any thumbs down and keep on with the good work. Oh by the way love your paintings too. Please could you tell me which version of Moonlight Sonata you chose, I would love to buy it. I have owned a couple of versions, one rather harsh and one very dramatic, neither so sensitive as your version and my mothers. Many thanks and God bless you, Geof Staniford


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